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A casual adventure ‘Beat ‘Em Down’ game. 

You're an alien monster from out of space and you have crash landed on earth. To repair and fuel your ship you must squash pedestrians who are carrying items that are fuel worthy with your mighty energy weapon. Once you collect enough fuel, you will be able to repair your ship to get off this planet and return home. If you fail, you will die on Earth and the Men in Black will scrape you off the ground for scientific experiments. 

PC Controls:

  • Move Left - Left Arrow
  • Move Right - Right Arrow
  • Jump - Up Arrow
  • Swing Weapon - Space
  • Dash - Double Tap Left or Right Arrows

Game by:

Stefan Dolidis, Andrew Hudson, Ellie-May Hein, Daniel Wang, and Pieter Triharto


its_garbage_win_v1.0.zip 49 MB

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